Summer Eats Program

Quincy Public Schools Food Service Department will deliver for the free summer lunch!

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Quincy Public Schools Food Services Department

Summer Eats Program


Thomas P. Koch

Mayor of the City of Quincy / Chairman of the School Committee


Nina X. Liang

City Councilor President


Kathryn E. Hubley

Vice Chairwoman of the School Committee


Kevin W. Mulvey, JD

Superintendent of the Schools, Quincy Public Schools


Sara Dufour, RD

Director of Food Services, Quincy Public Schools

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Jimmy Hui, President/Chief Executive Officer at The Jimmy Hui Foundation office is very pleased to announce that Quincy Public Schools Food Services Department will be hosting for the Summer Eats Program 2021 begins on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 through Friday, August 20, 2021 throughout this summer kickoff here in the City of Quincy.


There will be 8 locations will continue distribute "Grab & Go" breakfast and lunch begins on Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. here in the City of Quincy.


Please make sure to get your children's breakfast and lunch meal as soon as possible before the supply are last resort. DO NOT WAIT. DO NOT DELAY. 


Grab & Go Lunch Location:

  • Atherton Hough Elementary School: 1084 Sea Street, Quincy, MA (cafeteria entrance)

  • Snug Harbor Elementary School: 333 Palmer Street, Quincy, MA (gym entrance)

  • Ward II Community Center: 16 Nevada Road, Quincy, MA

  • Lincoln Hancock Community School: Water Street (cafeteria)

  • Montclair Elementary School: 8 Belmont Street, Quincy, MA (gym entrance)

  • F.W. Parker Elementary School: 148 Billings Road, Quincy, MA (cafeteria entrance)

  • North Quincy High School: Hunt Street, Quincy, MA (gym entrance)

  • Quincy High School: 100 Coddington Street, Quincy, MA (cafeteria)

Summer Menu 2021:


Please note that Summer Lunch menu will be always subject to change throughout the summer by the Quincy Public Schools Food Services Department. 


If you have any questions or concerns about the Summer Eats program, please feel free contact Quincy Public Schools Food Services Department can be reached at (617) 984-8768.