Quincy Tennis Tournament

Quincy Recreation Department and Quincy Credit Union hosts for a tennis tournament

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Quincy Recreation Department: Tennis Tournament:


Thomas P. Koch

Mayor of the City of Quincy


Nina X. Liang

City Councilor President/Councilor-At-Large


Kathryn E. Hubley

Vice Chairwoman of School Committee


Michelle F. Hanly

Director of Recreation, Quincy Recreation Department

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Quincy Recreation Department's Tennis Tournament Program:


There will be no tennis tournament at this moment for the time being due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis here in the City of Quincy.


The Quincy Recreation Department will not accepting any registration for the tennis tournament program until the pandemic is under the control once everything gets settle down here in the City of Quincy.


We are apologize for any inconvenience on this short notice and thank you for being cooperation.